Love not hate!

I really think its in peoples best interest to start showing kindness. its a trait i feel that is neglected a lot in todays society. I’m really sick of hearing about bullying, like really are you that childish and have no life to put someone else down, or to just harass them. 

Do you think your being cool? i have news for you, you are not cool your pathetic 

think about a time when you put someone down, and i want you to think for a second if you were in their shoes how you would feel? 

i think people like to put other people down because either:

A) your jealous 

B) you have no life 

C) you have something that is going on in your life so in order to make yourself feel better you put someone else down. 

why not do something good for once

all it takes to change someones day is to smile at them. you could save a life you don’t know what that person could be going though and you don’t know anything about them, so who are you to judge. 

take action stop it yourself, you don’t have to be a coward and watch other people get hurt, we have the power to make a difference in the world. 

Its only you that can make the change



a few quotes to think about 




-Vanessa daniska 


About vanessadaniska11

Hi everyone, my name's Vanessa, I am very passionate about fitness and health. my goal is motivate everyone to reach their goals through proper nutrition and workouts that are geared for each person specifically since we all have different body types. please feel free to email me if you have any questions
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