Physical Activity During Spare Time, Sex, Province


Physical activity is becoming something we are not doing enough of according to Statistics Canada. With numbers of 13,000 people that are inactive during their free time and the number has only been rising in the past decade. With Statistics showing in 2012 males are more active than females.  


It is more likely that in 2014 that more people will be come inactive with the usage of technology advancing.





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Morning Bird or Night owl

We all have the times that work best for us weather it be working out in the Morning before school or work because we know thats the only time of the day that we can workout. or you fit it in after work or school which is totally fine too what ever is best suited to your needs. For me I’m the type of person who needs to workout in the morning just to elevate my mood, if i don’t get a run or some kind of activity where I’m sweaty and I’m exerting my thresh hold than I’m not happy and everyone around me can see that. Also i won’t be able to get my workout done through out the day because of school and i work part time so my schedule is very unbalanced so making sure i schedule my workout so that it fits my lifestyle is very important to me. Its all about what is working for you

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Killer sweaty hill climb workout!

Today was a better day,since I was able to workout. I can’t just sit around and not do anything for the entire day I need to keep moving. 

I took it easy though, with a lower impact workout that still left me super sweaty. 

Lots of hill and running. 

 mins incline  speed 

0-5    1           4

5-6    6          5

6-7     4          6

7-9     8-10      4

9-10    1           5

10-11   1           6 

11-13    8-10     4

13-14     6           5

14-15      4           6

15-17      8-10      4

17-18        1          5

18-19         1          6

19-21         8-10     4

21-22           6          5

22-23            4         6

23-30             1         4


This may seem really easy but the key is to not stop and keep working through I promise by the end of this workout you will be left a sweaty mess. The hard part in this workout is all the hills. 

Leave me feed back 🙂 Id love to hear what you do for your workout! 

-Vanessa Daniska 

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When To Take A Break!

Injuries- are something that we all get, weather we got it from a natural accurance that could be something as simple as bending your fingers back or it could be from working out too hard and way to much. 

Here are some of my ways you can tell if you need to take a break! 

1. You can’t lift your legs without crying. This is probably the most ovious reason in the world that you need to take a break. 

2. your have an “Oh crap moment” – this is when on the same day know you pulled something and its going to be very bad.

3. Your using Muscle relaxant creme thinking it will cure you over night

I know its hard to take a break from working out, i even have trouble telling myself my body needs a break. its just something i need to do in order to get better. 

you would be surprised how well your body treats you and responds when you take a break. 

Just remember one thing if you don’t baby your injury it will get worse. 

– Vanessa Daniska 

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Love not hate!

I really think its in peoples best interest to start showing kindness. its a trait i feel that is neglected a lot in todays society. I’m really sick of hearing about bullying, like really are you that childish and have no life to put someone else down, or to just harass them. 

Do you think your being cool? i have news for you, you are not cool your pathetic 

think about a time when you put someone down, and i want you to think for a second if you were in their shoes how you would feel? 

i think people like to put other people down because either:

A) your jealous 

B) you have no life 

C) you have something that is going on in your life so in order to make yourself feel better you put someone else down. 

why not do something good for once

all it takes to change someones day is to smile at them. you could save a life you don’t know what that person could be going though and you don’t know anything about them, so who are you to judge. 

take action stop it yourself, you don’t have to be a coward and watch other people get hurt, we have the power to make a difference in the world. 

Its only you that can make the change



a few quotes to think about 




-Vanessa daniska 

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Building on TRUST

Being able to trust someone is very hard to do, you will always have your doubts and think your significant other is going to screw you over. especially when you already are finding reasons why you shouldn’t trust this person. You need to learn to build trust with this person because thats one of the things a relationship is based on these days. You can’t expect your boyfriend/girlfriend to be giving you their Facebook password, be reading over their shoulder to see who’s their  texting or trying to break into any of their  accounts 

…….guilty of this haha……………..

There are ways you can build trust with this person 

First you need to take it one day at a time, you will begin to build trust but take into account building trust comes over a period of time. once you build the trust, its there but you have to realise its very easy for this trust to break.

But being Honest helps

Half the reasons why its hard for people to trust one and other is because there is more lies than truth these days

When your honest, we know we can put our belief in you that what your saying is true, so if we ask you a question and your answer doesn’t match the one you gave before we know your lying

now I’m not asking you to give every single detail, but at the same time be open about it.

if you lie admit to it, one thing i can’t stand is a liar.

How do you work on building trust? 

what is acceptable and whats not 

little titbit of advice if a relationship is based on lies its most likely going to end

Relationships fail because of Facebook..fact  Image



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Beating the winter blues

Hey guys, 

Its been awhile since I posted anything due to lots of caching up in school.

Once we start to see the sun come down earlier and we have to wear big snow man suits to stay warm we fall into a slump. 

its known as “The Winter blues”

its classified as leaving the flip flops at home and pulling out the snow boots, no more warm summer air, it all becomes a distant memory that makes us gain weight, fall into a deep depression that comes with mood swings and having trouble adjusting to a new routine. 

 But there are ways to beat the Blues 

Beating the blues #1 

Finding something to do in the winter that will be fun for you :

that can be anything from getting cozy at home under a blanket surrounded by a fire

or taking up skating.there is tons of things to do in the winter that make up for the temperature drop and the lack of sun.

You just need to find something that you enjoy and go from there.

Beating the blues #2

Start working on that Bikini body even though summer is six months away you can still get ready for it

and look that much hotter when the summer days roll around.

Or even better get ready for christmas, and valentines day so you can look smoking for your significant other.

if you don’t have anybody, thats still okay you have the advantage of making all of your exes jealous.

or the possibility of maybe even finding a date on valentines day.

You will be starting early on your new year resolutions, that seem to never happen when we come up with them. 

Now why is that ?

Lastly you can beat the Blues by just seeking help if having lack of sun is making your moods too low, just go see someone. 

-Vanessa Daniska 

Feel free to ask me questions, or give me some ideas on what you would like to hear about. 

i love getting feedback  🙂 



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